IT leadership: What to prioritize for the remainder of 2022 old

IT efforts should focus on modernization for the rest of the year and beyond. Consider this three-step strategy to align people, processes, and technologies

As the calendar year winds down, you may be looking at your IT agenda and wondering what to chip away at in the remaining months. I encourage you to stay locked on the obvious, daunting as it may seem, and modernize, modernize, modernize.

Yes, modernizing IT applications is an unwieldy process. A single project can take months or even years. But it’s essential to digital transformation across almost every industry, and just because it could spill into 2023 and beyond doesn’t mean you should put off getting started.

Organizations will allocate significant funds – some 60-70 percent of discretionary budgets – toward application modernization, according to Infosys’ Modernization Radar 2022 (sign-up required to download), which polled 1,500 senior technology leaders and executives to gauge progress in the modernization journey.

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